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Team Leader – Job Vacancy


Job Profile:

  1. To co-operate with your Direct Line Manager and Director in providing a happy, caring environment for service users. To provide the highest standards of holistic care and attention and providing both personal and emotional support to clients individually and/or in group settings. 
  1. To co-operate with your Direct Line Manager and Director in ensuring you and your staff are conversant with the companies Policies and Procedures. You are also expected to ensure you and your staff, adhere to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Standards at all times and meet their requirements.
  1. To do everything possible to help create good working relationships and full co-operation between care workers, families, clients and professionals.


Responsible to:        

  • Firstly, the Direct Line Manager
  • Director
  • Human Resources


Responsible for:      

  • Clients and your staff



  1. To establish and maintain good working relationships with all clients, and your staff.
  1. To be sensitive and aware of the need for good relationships and communication with relatives, guardians, advocates and professionals involved with the client.
  1. To ensure the Line Manager and Director are kept informed of your clients’ progress, or any problems which may arise.



  • Supported Living Services. You may be required to work at any location when required.
  • You will be required to carry out assessments in relation to the
  • appropriate service in corporation with the Direct Line Manager / Director.



  • You will be accountable according to that stated within this document that applies to your role as Team Leader. You will therefore have a clear and concise understanding of what is expected of you as a Team Leader and how your service is run.



  • Carrying out interviews and liaising with HR (Derrick Smith) in relation to all recruitment matters
  • Inducting new members of staff ensuring the completion of the induction book is returned to the staff files no later than the 13th week of the induction period
  • To ensure you support the personal and professional development of your staff
  • To maintain and enhance your own personal and professional development and work collaboratively with your Line Manager accordingly.
  • To allocate appropriate hours to staff accordingly in order to run the service effectively
  • To produce 6 weekly rotas for the service and ensuring shifts are covered as necessary
  • For the management of your staff and to ensure they work in an effective manner in accordance with what the company / service expects of them
  • To provide 6 weekly supervisions to your staff and 6 monthly appraisals and documenting these accordingly ensuring they are placed on the staff file
  • Provide guidance to staff for completing and updating support plans and risk assessments in a timely manner
  • To monitor sickness and annual leave of your staff. Ensuring they are fully aware of the procedures in relation to this
  • To ensure that the appropriate time sheet is provided to your Line Manager on a weekly / monthly basis on the current relevant documents issued
  • You will be responsible for ensuring any changes or alterations that are made to the running of the service are implemented and filtered among your staff accordingly
  • To ensure you allocate an admin day once a week within your allocated working time to ensure all your paperwork relative to your role is completed
  • You will be required to meet deadlines that are set which are in relation to the running of your service
  • You will be responsible for attending all team meetings. If you are unable to attend, adequate notice must be provided with a full explanation
  • To be responsible for responding to all forms of communication i.e. emails – within 3 working days, unless it constitutes an urgent response. Furthermore if you are on annual leave, to ensure your email is set to relay this information and delegate appropriate tasks to your senior in your absence
  • To have thorough involvement with the transition of clients into the service
  • To maintain positive relationships with the client(s), families and professionals and ensuring your staff do so likewise
  • Able to work individually and in a team environment
  • Ensure all updated Policies and Procedures supplied to you in person or via email are filtered to your staff accordingly
  • To take responsibility for the service finances such as sending completed expenditure forms to Head Office and corresponding with Essex Guardians
  • Delegate and oversee quality assurance documentation within the service (staff questionnaires, resident satisfaction surveys)
  • Delegation of auditing of health and safety and vehicle checks
  • Providing first point of On-Call to the service during working days (will not be required to provide On-Call during off days or annual leave)
  • To weekly audit medication to ensure there are not any errors in administration and endure that medication is ordered
  • Protects the welfare of tenants and follows the organisations and SOVA policy and procedure reporting any acts of abuse or poor practice
  • To carry out any other duties which may be agreed from time to time, in discussion with the Direct Line Manager and/or Direct and which relate to the service users’ welfare and development.

This is intended as a guide to the main responsibilities of the post, and is not an exhaustive list of duties. This job description is subject to amendment, following consultation with the post holder.